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3 Simple Steps

Unique Article Creation

Our team of Article writers will create unique articles which will "Supercharge" the quality and authority of your websites.
Getting content indexed on the search engines has become a major headache for millions of website owners since late 2021.
However, our team of writers know exactly what is needed to achieve the objective of creating compelling and on topic articles which we know that Google will love!

Posted To A "Primer" Blog

Once we have created your "Supercharged" article we will post and publish it to one of our "Primer" high authority websites. These "Primer Websites are specially maintained by a team of SEO Experts to ensure that your articles are seen and brought to Google's attention! Each "Primer" site is part or our "Supercharged" network of 10 primer blogs ensuring the authority and ranking in the search engines.

Syndicated To 500 Plus PBN

Once the article has passed our checks for "Uniqueness" and readability it is published on to one of our "Primer Blogs". We then begin to "syndicate" the articles through our "Unique" PBN and social posting system.
This system was created by a team of "Experts" in the field of "Content Syndication" and your articles will automatically "Drip Feed" to over 500 Authority Blogs and Social Networks such as "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Pinterest".


  • Unique Article creation,
  • On Topic and well structured,
  • Checked against Copyscape,
  • Keyword rich and meaningful,
  • Posting to Authority "Primer" blogs,
  • Syndication through a Unique System,
  • Drip fed "Syndication" to our PBN,
  • Drip fed Social Posts "Syndication"


We Write The Content

(1200 Unique Words + 1 x Unique Image)
Why do you need High Quality Content?
Every Business needs High-level, written content, or what’s more commonly called “anchor” content to promote their businesses or sell high quality products and services . This is the kind of content that people read, like, and refer to over time. It also brands the business/entrepreneur as a leader in their field. What’s so cool is that our team of writers can now write at this level, when you’ve got the right team and you know how to write 'On Topic' Content, you have a sure fire method of increasing your 'Brand Awareness' and producing more sales and ROI.

We Blast The Content Out With Our Bespoke 'Blog Blaster' to 500+ websites and Social Accounts.

We Syndicate The Content Across 10+ Platforms.

YOU Gain Literally Hundreds Of High Authority Backlinks over time because of

our exclusive "Drip Feed" Posting Technology.
With our 'Unique' Drip Feed system the content will be available for many months and being crawled constantly and re-indexed by the search engines.

The Traffic Supercharger Traffic Blaster posts content via our unique network of Hight Authority websites and blogs which syndicate your articles through our Wordpess Blogs, our tumblr Blogs sites, and social media networks.
All these backend sites will have Hyper Links pointing to your target Buffer site or money site. So, by posting just one article to one of our "Feeder" sites, you will get high authority and trust flowing back to your target site over several months because of our unique stagered posting system

Video "Option" Available

Google Map Embeds Available

Done For You Systems Pricing:-

One Article Created And Syndicated Posting

$75.00 / Per Article

  • We will create one "Unique" Article
    Post it to a high authority websites and publish it

  • Syndicate the Article through our Supercharged Blog network and Social posting system
  • Email support
  • Priority on line Support

One Article Creation And Syndication Posting Per Week

$ 250 / Per Month

  • We create one "Unique" Article per week
  • Syndicate the Article
    Post it to a high authority websites and publish through our Supercharged Blog
    network and Social posting system
  • Email support
  • Priority on line Support

Two or more Article Creations And Syndication Posting Per Week

$60 / Per Article

  • We will create multiple "Unique" Articles per week
    and Syndicate the Article
  • Post them to our high authority websites and publish them through our Supercharged Blog
    network and Social posting system
    • Email support at Habazar Internet Marketing
      our Parent Company for a private Consultation
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Reviews and unsolicited testimonials from some of our existing clients who are happy to share their experience of our services

Bruce Andrews

SEO Consultant

Geoff Lord's service was delivered within 24 hours and it is high quality content. He set up everything to create 3 article campaigns for each project we agreed he would set up.
I'm thankful he knows what he's doing because it would take me so much time to time to create such high quality content myself and my VA's and article writers do not take the care that Geoff and his team do.

Greg Banham

Online Marketing Consultant

What I can say Geoff and his team have been creating and posting articles for me for some time and the quality and uniqueness has never been an issue.
The articles contain high quality images, (many he creates himself) and you can add Google maps and YouTube Videos for for just a little extra.
Over all I am more than pleased with the service and it has been a massive time saver and stress free experience. Top Marks from me!

Jane Freeman

Webmaster and Internt Marketing Manager

Geoff has been extremely valuable in giving me support for my Article posting projects

My time is limited so Geoff has been a life saver in keeping me running. Geoff is always recommended by me highly